about us

Inspired by authentic asian scents and flavors, EMME is a collection of natural and non-toxic home fragrance products

Our story

EMME was established in 2020 by Mark and Erica, after experiencing a sense of homesickness relocating from San Francisco to New York. Amidst the pandemic, the couple sought solace in candles, hoping that the fragrances would evoke nostalgia and memories from their upbringing. However, they quickly realized that the home fragrance market inadequately captured the essence of authentic Asian-American scents. Motivated by this realization, they decided to change that! 

EMME was born with the primary objective of alleviating homesickness among individuals who cherished memories intertwined with these fragrances.

Ultimately, we hope to correct the lack of authentic Asian representation by introducing our cultural heritage to the mainstream fragrance industry!

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