Mandarin - Wax Melts

$12.00 USD
Celebrate the Year of the Rabbit with our limited edition Mandarin fragrance. It's energetic, citrusy, and perfect to make a room feel fresh and lively.
  • 2.75 oz, non-toxic soy wax melt (6 cubes)
  • Use with any electric burner, hot plate or other warming device approved for wax melts
  • Up to 80 hours of fragrance
  • Hand made in micro-batches in NYC

Mood: Fresh & Citrus 
Smells Like: Mandarin, Citron, Tangerine


Mood: Fresh & Citrus
Smells Like: Mandarin, Citron, Tangerine
Total Wax Weight: 2.75 oz (6 cubes)
Fragrance Life: Up to 80 hours


Product Box: 46cm x 46cm x 33cm

Our wax melts are:

-cruelty free
-free from dyes or other artificial colorings

-All manufacturing supplies are responsibly sourced, with fair wages for employees throughout the supply chain and carbon footprint top of mind

-All of our packaging and shipping materials are recyclable

-Every item is hand made in micro-batches in NYC

A mandarin is a type of citrus fruit that is closely related to oranges. It is smaller and usually sweeter than an orange, with a thin, easy-to-peel skin. Mandarin oranges are typically seedless, or have a very small number of seeds. They are round or oblate in shape, and their flesh is a deep orange color. The fruit is typically eaten fresh, but it can also be used to make juice, jams and marmalades. The mandarin is also known as the mandarine, mandarin orange or satsuma. They are widely grown in China, Spain, Italy, Greece, Turkey and many other countries.

What does EMME's Mandarin smell like?

Our special edition Mandarin candle smells like peeling a delicious mandarin to share with family. It's energetic, bright, and makes the room feel fresh by leading with strong notes of tangerine and citron. A base note of peach rounds out the fragrance and keeps it balanced, without being sweet. Perfect to liven up any space, or as a gift to celebrate Lunar New Year.

Wax melts are aromatic pieces of wax that don't require an open flame or wick. Use with a hot plate or electric burner for up to 80 hours of your favorite authentic Asian smells!

Instructions: Do not add water. Do not melt on stovetop or in non-approved appliances. Use only in well ventilated areas away from flammable objects. Discontinue use if dish contains less than 1/2" of wax.

Warning: To prevent fire or injury: remove packaging before use. Use only in tea-light warmers or UL listed electric warmers approved for wax melts. Read and follow all instructions provided with your warmer before use. Do not leave melter unattended while in use. Keep out of reach of children and pets.

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