Hand Sanitizer Spray - Lychee

$12.00 USD

Our hand sanitizer comes ready to use with the perfect mist spray in an unbreakable, refillable glass vial. Formulated to kill 99% of germs and accented with our best selling Lychee fragrance, it's perfect for before eating, public transport, restrooms, or anywhere you need clean hands and want to smell amazing.

Customer Reviews

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Krystal A.
smell so good but slight leakage

Once Emme announced this product I knew I had to get it. I ended up getting multiples during the holiday as stocking stuffers and it smelled really good. But somehow it recently leaked while it was just sitting in my bag (with the cover still on) and I lost half of the liquid ='(

Keri Washington
Best hand sanitizer EVER

This hand sanitizer is spectacular. The lychee scent is pure perfection and I don’t find the sanitizer blend to be drying. Everyone always asks what I’m wearing. I smile every time I spray it because it smells sooo amazing. Someone said it made them want a lychee martini 🤣. It’s THAT GOOD!

Christian M.
Love the packaging, amazing scent!

Once I saw that Emme was coming out with a lychee hand sanitizer, I was so excited. Definitely a unique scent for a sanitizer - and I was pleasantly surprised how fragrant it is, without smelling like alcohol. Already have gotten many compliments on it every time I’ve pulled it out of my bag. It’s become my go-to whenever I’m out and about.

Pam N.
My fave Emme product

Such a cool idea! Loved their Lychee candle before, so glad I can stay safe from germs and smell it even when im not home with my candle!

Amy N.
Had to try it

When they launched the product I had to sign up to buy it early. I really love the spray that comes out of the bottle, you can tell that you used sanitizer but it doesn't soak your hands the way a bottle of Purell does. Def recommend picking one up!

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